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To Sell: BACH SPECTRUM 4-4-0 2 Eureka and Palisade 1 unlettered ( 1 unboxed unlettered 4-4-0 )


I have four BACHMANN SPECTRUM 4-4-0 locos to sell.

Qty 2 Eureka and Palisade

Qty 1 Unlettered Russia Iron

Qty 1 Unboxed Unlettered Russia Iron ( Will most likely sell locally )

Non have been ran. NOS. Not tested. GUESSING that the Drive Gear will need to be replaced on these.

Asking 390.00 USD each. Ship by FedEx at buyers expense to ensure delivery.


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Norman, how would you like to get paid?

Hi Peter,

You can always mail me a Bank draft.


I much prefer something safer, like Paypal Seller Protection, Goods and Services payments.

Dear Peter,

You have absolutely no intention of buying any of this.

You have had me run around to enquire with Fed Ex as to how you could arrange a remote Pick Up and how I could receive the funds through various financial options and finally you offered me a fraction of the value of the unlettered locomotive. You even wanted me to Sell at CDN Funds rather than at USD Funds as I live in Canada for yourself to obtain a 1/3 Discount compared to the USD.

Then you wanted me to pay for the Fed Ex Shipping.



If you had a Paypal account I would buy one. But, as I told you many times, I am not sending cash to a foreign country with no insurance.

I have found that I just sell my stuff on eBay, there I get my money and both the seller and the buyer are protected. Sure it cost the seller a little more, but I adjust my selling price to handle the difference, plus you will find that there are many buyers that will pay more just because they want it and the transaction is protected by eBay. I never deal with anyone outside the U S boarders, mainly for all the reasons something will go wrong and probably by the time it gets here it will damaged from shipping. I have purchased a few things on my PayPal account, but nothing more then say $50 or so, no high dollar stuff. As far as I see it, the seller sets his method of payment and it doesn’t agree with you then don’t buy it.

2024 February 05 Monday,


One of the 2 Eureka and Palisade BACHMANN SPECTRUM 4-4-0 locos has been sold.

Thank you,