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Timesaver Addition

Added the motorized crane to the Timesaver last spring to add an additional attraction for the kids.

will try later to load video

That link works, the embed one didn’t.

Inserted the link same as the last one, but for some unknown reason YouTube didn’t like it. Maybe Bob can convert the link.

very cool idea.

Very cool, and a good way to get kid’s interest!

(by the way, copying the share code, and using the video button and putting the link in failed, but copying the embed code, and using the embed option in the video button worked)

Thanks Greg.

That is a neat crane.

Thanks to Dan Padova, he did all the work to motorized it. I just came up with the idea to add it to the Timesaver after he put it up for sale on eBay.

Got to see Jim’s crane last Fall/Summer when home. Its an excellent addition to a switching puzzle. The kids like action and getting involved. This is a big plus.