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Thrift Store Find

Walking through a local thrift store I came across this item.
It was red tagged $2.99 with red tagged items going for 50% off.
I couldn’t pass it up.
It is a little large for G scale but I can use the roofing, windows and some of the doors in my junk box for later projects.
See you in Denver in June!

great find. I am always looking for that sort of stuff when junking. And just like oyu said the parts and pieces can be used with a fudged scale to look good if you don’t like the size of it as a whole. Bill Barnwell does a lot with playmobile buildings I think it is.

Nice find, James!

Here’s the one I’ve wanted, but they’re tough to get cheaply.

agreed …great find !

I don’t know it looks close to scale to me judging on background. The windows and door look large to me but could be fixed?

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Or by putting it away from scale stuff it will blend in enough to fool most people

I got out my 1/22.5 ruler and measured the doors and windows. I found the doors to be a little under seven feet tall which is close to the doors I have in my junk box. I think their width makes them look overly big. The windows all have heavy looking mullins but they can be cut away and replaced. I have decided to keep the house as is and use it as a background model. Thanks for your comments.

One last post on this and I will stop. I sat one of my other buildings next to this one as a comparison. This is a farm house I built back in 1994 from an old article in Model Railroader. I was a newcomer to G scale and had purchased a 1/22.5 scale ruler I used to convert the HO demens

I think my thrift store find looks pretty close to G scale. I will leave it intact and use it as is.
Enough said.

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I always thought it looked pretty good. But next to your other building it looks to be the perfect size.

nice find… whatcha got in the blue box behind it all? More thrift store finds?

Usa Trains dumass

gee thanks Birdman, Never would have thought about that, and its Mr. Dumass to you.

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Those are all National Garden Railway Convention cars. I will hang a shelf on the wall and display them. Thanks for asking.

I am thinking a resturant. I played with some signage I downloaded from the internet but will make my own when I get ready. I will repaint the building in a darker yellow with terra cotta red windows and black doors,

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And be nice to each other. It was a legitimate question. For both of you I will post a picture when I get them up.

If I see it in Jacksonville I will get it for you. I find all kind of things in thrift stores and estate sales.
I found a complete LGB Stainz set for $50.00 about ten years ago. I’m retired so I get out to more sales than I used to.

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No worries Jim, Rooster and I have an uneasy friendship, as far as I was concerned it was all in good fun ! Be sure to post pictures of the progress

After thinking about it I had an idea you knew each other. I will post the pictures. The one commented on is from the convention in Nashville last year. I also have the car from the year before (the convention that never was) cancelled by the pandemic. And I’ve ordered the caboose for the convention in Denver. Can’t wait to go to that one.

I really like the idea of house turned restaurant. Very realistic and a god use of the building. Great idea.

And everyone’s friendship with rooster is uneasy. He’s like a hedgehog. . . Prickly and loveable all at once lol

Thanks for the comments about the future use of my building. Probably won’t get to it until later in the year but I will post photos of my progress. And I figured out rooster when I went to some of the other subjects. A grumpy grouch just like me. My emoji would be Grumpy of the seven dwarfs fame. And Rooster we are two of a kind so take it that way.