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Thoughts on Aristo Couplers?

What are people’s thoughts on Aristo Couplers? Like them, or hate them? Why or why not?
I have a chance to get some for free from a friend, and I’m wondering if it’s worth it.


No idea, but, at the price of “free,” I think it would be a worthy experiment.


In my experience they work fine with themselves. I have a set of heavyweights that couple fine and stay coupled, and they can be pulled by my Accucraft K4 with a different coupler.

I don’t like the fact that they don’t uncouple when something derails. The whole train may end up on the ground.

I had some that you had to slam together to get them to stay coupled, on car refuse to play with other Aristo couplers

You can try them, but remember that Aristo couplers are not often given away free, as Aristo is not in business any longer…
They are hard to body mount, if you ever want to body mount them properly.
They do not mix and match with all other couplers.
Whatever coupler you decide to use; it is best to standardize on one brand of coupler, so that all your cars can easily couple together.
I prefer Kadee’s, but that’s just my preference…

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I agree with Pete Lassen & Fred Mills given my experience, too.

It may be helpful to see the presentation I wrote for the Bay Area Garden Railway Society (BAGRS 2’ 18 Clinic)

"Body Mounting Kadees - with focus on 1/29 Scale "


I used them for several years, but finally replaced them with LGB loop couplers on the longer heavier cars read passenger coaches, which held better. My layout at the time was on the ground and sometimes uneven. I probably have the originals around somewhere, and would be happy to pass them on if found. My elevated layout is more level and not as problematic now.

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Well, they work with some other couplers. My Accucraft locos with big cast brass couplers don’t seem to have a problem.

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USA (Ro) couplers are the only ones I have found that do not play nicely with others.

In my opinion they are FREE and they do work quite well!

I have used them ever since I got into large scale trains and converted all equipment to them. Once in a while you get one that acts up. I even converted my new USAT Heavy weights to them. later RJD

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