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This Week's Haul from Texas

Some of you may recall the post from Greg Brown about an auction of an estate. Most people gave up when they heard of the 25% buyers premium, but I persevered and no-one else wanted to bid on the lot I wanted. So this week the box finally arrived.

Inside were several LGB freights, and a bunch of weird stuff that the prior owner had modified or made.

I am planning to sell the freights, as they are in good condition, almost unused, and I thought I’d let you guys in first. If there is anything of interest, send me a message and we’ll work something out.

P.S. Not shown on the table are the 2 items I wanted. A tram/inspection locomotive with a trailer, and a long depressed center wagon with a boatload (!) of issues.

I’m also anticipating spending some time fixing things. The modified Stainz (bottom right) and the snow plow with cabin (top right, 2nd row) both have LGB power blocks, but both free-wheel as if someone removed the motor or gears. I’ll post details as I go.

Good haul. That inspection loco is pretty cool. And the sailboat is a unique load you don’t see very often.

Interestingly, it says “Pola” on the bottom and is clearly made from 2 shorter cars. I googled and didn’t get any results. Have to ask the GSC guys where it came from.

Here’s the first batch for sale. Lots of pics available. Like new, no box.

Pair of LGB 4010 low-sided gons $60.

LGB 3020 van with lights. I suspect the lights were added later, as the 3019 Postal van seems to have them, not the 3020. In addition, this only has one pair of metal wheels and one LGB-style plunger pickup. It does have wires to plug into the engine or the next vehicle. $45

Now why would you cut the end platforms off a Bachmann logging caboose? Any ideas?

Now you don’t have a platform to stand on?

Beats me…some folks have very different ideas.

I never did think much of “Coca Cola” trains. In the stash I have a boxcar, with sound. Really silly.

The Christmas boxcar has a slightly larger repertoire. (The audio works.)

Well, this explains why the tank engine free-wheels. I suspect the snow plow is equally deficient. This is what it looked like before I started pulling it apart - I don’t think it is worth buying a new LGB chassis or motor for it!

Oh - and it has a tinplate boiler! Wonder where that came from.

Looks like its missing a piece or two

He prefers short responses as such as folks don’t read multiple responses.

Onward and Upward. Another part of the haul are some classic LGB shorties. Here’s a flat and gondola, both with terrible paint jobs:

Then a nice little gondola that seems to be complete but I never saw before. It’s on the regular LGB steel tipper frame:

It was homemade, as you can see from the bolts - double nuts too! The end platforms came from something as they aren’t part of the body. (Anyone know what LGB or Piko wagon this was originally?)
Aha - it is labelled in English - that should be a clue.

And finally a Feldbahn wagon with a side missing. So out came the popsicle sticks and we’ll see what happens.

Anyone want a Gnomy???

So what do you think? $60 for the lot?


I think you did alright. If nothing else its 60 dollars worth of parts. But much of that can be brought back to life.

Most of the wagons are fine and show little signs of wear. The previous owner was just a bit random with his paint! I already have about 6 gondolas that I paid $20+ for, so I have no room for these!

The new side for the Feldbahn wagon got glued this afternoon:

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Those are some neat custom builds in that lot. I can see why you are saving the ones you are. Clever stuff.