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This was fun to watch

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2 minutes in and I already have to like this. It takes place in N Devon


:frowning_face: Another reason to invest in a VPN.

Huh? What country has outlawed model train videos?

30 mins in and I was shopping for Miniature Hydrogen fuel cells.

I tried at work - maybe it’ll be better at home where the IT boffins can’t interfere…

Oh; is that what they’re called? Maybe I’ve been asking for help the wrong way all this time…

Family site Cliff - not our usual term of reference… :grin:

Still no can see at home, I assume Toy Story has set the restriction Dan. Not common but happens enough to be a pain. Oh, New Zealand…

Edit - It’s a BBC production, thats a paid channel here so I assume they block freebies by default


I wonder if it’s the fact that the name of the YouTube channel is “Naked Science”

Oh, sure Neil! I forgot that little IT munchkins might see “boffin” and be discouraged from… IT-ness or something… My apologies all!!

:innocent: :grin:

I still can’t believe they didn’t use trains MADE for outdoors! :innocent: Sheesh…

That was fun, and well made. Most Youtube videos loose me before the 10 minute mark, but this one kept my interest to the end.

And yeah Bruce; at least on-board power for all of them would have made sense.

The BBC gets its funding for Ota (over the air) from license fees. In the UK you have to license your TV, and they actually use detector vans to check, or they did a few years ago.

Consequently, they get huffy when someone who hasn’t paid a fee wants to see the programs.