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This sale has been CANCELLED, due to the couplers being in VERY poor condition

If anyone is interested in a small quantity of Kadee #1906 couplers, just let me know…$4 a pair, you pay the postage…a few are the rust colour…
Fred Mills
[email protected]

I was sorting through the couplers, and found that they have been ruined by the previous owner, using non plastic compatible oil on them…a lesson can be learned here…
I’m sorry for offering them for sale, before checking them out properly.

Fred, Message sent (for 20 characters.)

Rick you better be careful getting characters from Fred,I’ve met a few :innocent:

That may be HOLLYWOOD (nickname intended) but what would one do without a Rooster ?

Besides Fred broke the toilet at Ken’s back in the day because Bev said so and I stand by her words!