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This might be a wiki post?

Creating a post to turn it into a Wiki?


Testing editing via the Wiki button

Another edit. I dont geddit, its just a globally-editable post.


I am pretty sure Its nothing more than a globally edited post where anyone can edit the information. I mean that is what wikipedia is. And when I was doing research papers in school the information may or may not be from a reliable researched source.

by korm - editing Bob’s wiki post:

does that mean, that wiki posts can surface anywhere on the forum? or are they restricted to a specified section?

For what it’s worth I see this creating headaches done the line and we really have the ability to add comments to a posted subject that allows members to state their view without erasing the original posters input
Sorry Korm I edited your post unintentionally, but it does show the issue I see.

I am adding my edit here (just because I can.) I ran a Wiki for some Realtors - we used to to save important documents and emails. It was controlled by having a log-in (not much use trying that around here,) and also by the fact that the ladies had no clue what I was talking about, so they left it alone.

And yes, a Wiki post should be editable by anyone who can read it. Not sure why we’d want it here. :exploding_head:

Jim Rowson sez: yeah, without links and pages it seems awkward and neutered, and fraught with problems in any case

But Jim, you didn’t mention demon possessed, so maybe it’s still worth a try? :crazy_face: Sorry, had to chime in and try it out… —Cliffy

Seems to me that this post IS globally editable. - JRad

I was thinking that a wiki might be useful as a collaborative spot to put 3D designs for printing. Can you do linking and create other pages like in a regular wiki? If so we could self organize (hmmm, with this group?) our designs…

Doesnt look like it, it’s just a globally editable post, as far as I can tell from reading. Dont think its useful for us.

What do you mean “look like”? I guess that’s where I am confused. To me its working exactly like a wiki. But to me a wiki is just a globally edited post where anyone can add or delete. Not sure what you are after.

And I agree I am not sure we need it. Not sure what we would use it for.


That’s kind of an interesting idea. Not so much for a wiki but a collaborative 3D project. That could almost be fun and almost assuredly would start at least one or two bar room brawls. But that would almost be a fun thread in the technical modeling forum where we have a collective project and the makers could each take a piece of it. Not sure how well it would go over but it is an intriguing idea.

“Guy with hole in head starts bar room brawl”…NAH, I don’t think that’s a good headline.

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I think Jim may be more used to a more elaborate Wiki. The one I used had pages and pages that anyone could create, link and edit. It also had a storage area where I could put files, which would be listed under the pages.

Wikipedia says (and they should know)
“A typical wiki contains multiple pages for the subjects or scope of the project and could be either open to the public or limited to use within an organization for maintaining its internal knowledge base”


Fair enough. I understand

btw: when I meant “collaborative” I was not referring to co-designing something where each person takes a bit and they (hopefully) all fit together at the end.

that’s an entertaining idea but way harder than what I was thinking.

by “collaborative” what I meant was a way to organize the 3D designs into categories so that, for example, I could drill into furniture and find tables/chairs to use in my upcoming saloon project. or I could design some and add it in there.

this as opposed to having it organized by designer.

but, given that the “wiki” supported here is pretty lame (not BD’s fault), I don’t think it is going to happen. and I’m not sure we are disciplined enough to follow ANY guidelines. look at how many people did random replies on your attempted 3D design topic.

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Oh gotcha. I understand. And yes the collaboration I was thinking of would be highly entertaining to watch. A bunch of clowns trying to ride a unicycle comes to mind. lol.

I think we could pull it off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: