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This is my 3rd battery Blunami conversion

This is my 3rd battery Blunami conversion on one of my LGB 23191 Moguls. I purchased this mogul brand new from Eastside Trains many years ago. It’s never, ever run very well. In fact, compared to my other 5 extremely old LGB Moguls which all run fantastically it ran like a dog. It required that I turned up the track power way more than any of my other moguls and would barely make it through my flat curves when I had cars connected to it. I don’t know why it took me so long but I discovered recently that the loco even though it had pickup shoes and wheel pickups would only run if the tender was connected to it. The loco would not run with track power on it’s on even though it should have. No matter what I tried I could not get the pickups on the loco itself to work. So… I ripped all the loco wiring out and ran new wiring to the tender and the Blunami 4408 decoder I installed inside along with the battery and speaker. It now runs great, steady and strong! The only issue is that I believe the headlamp should come on when I turn the decoder on but it doesn’t. I have to manually press the Lights icon in the Blunami app. I’ve the light according the instructions from Robby and RLD Hobbies. So, the light does work, just not the way I want it to. But I am so pleased that I can now really run this locomotive. And now that I have 3 locos converted to battery and Blunami, 2 LGB moguls and one LGB stubby. I plan to move my railroad outside. Ground breaking starts this Spring :slight_smile:
(Enable sound and click the gear in the lower right hand corner and select 1080p)

Nice video. Mogul runs great now.

Check your whistle signal at start up. Here is a list of basic whistle codes…

Whistle Codes

Succession of short sounds Used when an emergency exists, or if persons or livestock are on the track.
When train is stopped. The air brakes are applied and pressure is equalized.
– – Train releases brakes and proceeds.
o o o When train is stopped: means backing up, or acknowledgment of a hand signal to back up; when moving: stop at next station.

There are many more but these are the basic ones.
As always “Your railroad, your rules” :innocent:

Awesome! I was not aware of that. I need to see if I can program the Blunami to do these automatically…

I like those old moguls as well.
It’s nice to see you “ripping wires” and having good results.