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Things that remind you of our friends

So the last couple of days we have been seeing a lot of things with the grandson …Why do you want a pic with that ? It reminds me of…

And then we have another member …
Once I was in a restaurant and saw this …
Picture0208190828 oven _1 (2)
Do you act like this as well ?

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I am very mushy and nostalgic when it comes to family, friends, and the dogs I have/had. I am always reminded of people and my dogs when I see certain things.

And where in the world did you find a cardboard cutout of Bob?

Polar express train ride.
Then we have you …

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lol, Hey that reminds me of someone.

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Wait. You mean that’s NOT the REAL Bob??? :innocent:

This was me, back in the day when I HAD hair… :innocent:

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One thing I really LIKE about this site is that EVERYTHING has been kept - so I can read posts from Steve Featherkile, Bart Salmons, Ken Brunt and others. They’re all still around when I visit here. Very nice.