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The townsfolk of Elk River

Reading Eric Mueller’s latest post and seeing his townsfolk’s busy at work, reminds me of the people who live and work in Elk River.
So we gathered up a few pics taken over the years in Elk River.

Show me your characters that reside in your railroad and towns.


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Here Legolamb and Eorwig staff the train protection vehicle (aka Balrog catcher).

Fauxfur serves as a freight train conductor.
Smaugette, the friendly dragon, keeps the fire up for the Samwise Gamgee 2-6-0.

Garaq keeps distilling his trollish punch.

Thorin Oakenshield runs his namesake locomotive.
Have fun, David Meashey

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They start out like this. Resin cast figures and parts.
Unfortunately, these models and others are no longer available.

And then I paint them.

Across the long curved trestle is New Elk River where the “other half” lives. These dudes are not fun loving like folks (Old Elk River). Snobs, in fact! We got a couple shots of them. We’ll try to get more pics.

Some more New ER figures. (3D printed).

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Oh Yeah! I knew the Roost would show up.:grinning: :+1:

Not sure of this guy’s name, but he’s been hanging around the Wall Station area
since before the depot and platform were built…

And this bunch of midgets has been hanging around the Honey Grove station for years…

A couple of interesting folk in this shot, look on the balcony of the building at left and through the wires of the Shay…

And this guy seems to be a leaner…

Outside, Sir Donald keeps a watchful eye at Coal Dump Curve…

And his nameless buddy cheers up passers by…

And my all-time favorite - Sven…

We have Charley Brown the owner of the line

with the photo hosting here and that other site going south it is hard to find pics of the crew…

Oops! Forgot about Trish, the work triceratops - AND my dwarf signal! Here he is displaying a “clear” indication.
Have fun, David Meashey

Designing some figures that are somewhere between the folks in New and Old Elk River.