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The Real Real

I have one of these - 1926 Mack Bulldog Log Hauler

It looks like this -

The Model

I found this about 10 miles from the house -

Real Front

Real Left

Well I tried to attach the photos from My Folders, Photos but was not successful, perhaps I’ll try again tomorrow.

Interestingly if you right-click on the broken links and select “Open image in new tab” the photo appears. Frustration reigns supreme!

Taking the train ride from Campo we passed this place. It was full of a lot of those old Mack trucks.

What the place actually was is a mystery, junk yard, someone’s collection, who knows.

According to Google Maps, it’s “The Motor Transport Museum”. Who knew?


Very cool find!! would love to one day have an old Mack to play with. Found an old photograph from the 1950’s where they took a Mack AB chassis and cab, and mounted a small D311 Caterpillar diesel into it, same used in the Caterpillar D2 crawlers, and used it as a log truck. If I ever find a decent chassis with no motor, may have to replicate it.