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I signed up for Mike Hamer’s blog (Garden Railroading: 2022) and it has been VERY interesting to see what’s been going on there on the IPP&W.

Mike has done a fantastic job documenting the almost weekly operations on the railroad - they are VERY fortunate to have somebody like him to report on this great railroad.



Thank you, Bruce.
Yes we are very fortunate to have Mike doing a great job of reporting…truth is, that he really enjoys doing it.
Saturday mornings keep attracting a loyal bunch of friends, each of whom contributes to a greatly enjoyable get-together, involving a good mixture of socializing, operations, and just plain fun.
Fred Mills


Here’s another view of the IPP&W posted to you tube by Moe Cote from Chippy’s point of view.

A few days back some of the nice folks in Canada did a presentation via Zoom. I sat in the Wednesday session (along with some 40 others!) and was quite impressed. I thought it was recorded, but here’s a blog of it instead, so at least it’s as fast as you can read! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Garden Railroading: CARM Presentation on Our OVGRS Railways