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The Costa Lazzaretti G-scale train collection is now on sale after his passing


My friend, a big G-scaler, Costa Lazzaretti, has passed away, and his kids have asked me, to help them with Costa’s large collection of mainly LGB G-scale trains and accessories. They have asked me to help them sell it, and I thought people here would want to know about it, especially because I am sure some of you knew Costa from Conventions and LGB events around the world. There are more than 185 engines and cars, lots of track and accessories. The sale can be found by using the search terms “iGavel trains.” Prices start at $10.00. The sale ends on Dec 22, 2021. I hope it is okay to send you the link, if not, I understand if you remove it. Auction search results on iGavel Auctions

Sincerely, Greg Brown.

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auction site wouldn’t allow me to register, despite me using Rooster as a reference. after five tries, i decided i don’t need the items that bad, oh well.

After you said that, I told myself “I bet I can get in”…
well, maybe not as I got THIS:

Invalid Data Submission

Please note that invalid data was submitted to the system. Please ensure the following common characters are NOT entered when submitting the form:

  • <> brackets
  • " double quotes (e.g. Jonathan “Jon” Smith)
  • [] square brackets
  • : colon
  • ; semi-colon
  • {} curly brackets
  • ! exclamation point

25% buyers premium…ouch