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testing pics


it worked.

Nice car JB. Did you build the bridge? If so, what did you use for hardware on the ties and guard timbers?


Edit: car needs HEP cabling just because!

HEP, don’t they have a pill for that now? They must, heck they have a pill for everything now.


I built the bridge. The hardware is tiny nuts and bolts and brass escutcheon pins. There isn’t any glue or brads anywhere.

The nuts and bolts are brass and stainless. I do have to go back and re set some of the pins that work out during the winter.

Thanks JB. I was afraid you were going to say that! I love the look, but don’t have the patience to place that much hardware. I glued and pin-nailed my guard timbers on. Your look is far superior to mine, that’s why I asked. I guess I was hoping for a quick and dirty solution that looked like I spent days working on it (


I wore two dremels out building that trestle. (12’ long and curved as well.) I used hundreds of 00 nuts, bolts and ready rod.

I have no frikken idea why. I think I wanted to build it like a real one, and I had tones of time on my hands. :slight_smile:

test fail