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Crap, I didn’t study.

I studied all night for my drug test, but I passed (TWICE, I think!).

Have fun, David Meashey

David Meashey said:

Have fun, David Meashey

Who’s that handsome fella in the profile picture?


Had to have a head shot for a presentation I did for the local chapter of SHRM (Society For Human Resources Management) in October of 2019. It was about Back on the Path, a job loss support and job recovery educational group (via my church) that I helped found in September of 1999. Since that was the most recent formal photo I had on file, I used it to update my profile.

Regards, David Meashey

I haven’t taken a drug test in years. The manager at my last job asked me if I need a couple of weeks before I take the test. I wonder what he would have said if I said “yes I do”.

If they drug tested at the company I work for now, I would be working a lot harder, because after the test, there would be fewer employees.

John Passaro said:


Wondering what John was testing, but edited out the description of?


Dang, he was probably testing if someone would ask…

And you (we) fell into the trap.

Free beer is on the 2nd floor but the fancy sandwiches are on the 3rd!