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Sutro Pneumo Loco

Those look great, Cliff. I’d be interested in printing one or two up myself, once you get the file complete-ish…

Yeah, there’s that Dave, plus bemoaning all the bits that break off with the supports, haha!

You bet, Bob. I’ll thicken up a few things and send you the STL.

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I’m guessing you printed extras because you are planning on shipping me one to test with my garage compressor.

It’s more complicated than that, Rooster. Last night, after midnight (and after most of the neighbors’ fireworks), I tried to go to sleep. Then I got, out of the blue, a big case of hiccups. So I walked around to get rid of them, and noticed that my first print needing washing & curing. So I did that. And then thought, heck, why not print the 2nd one? So I started that. See, I was super tired.

Hiccups ceased, had some sleep, chopped up by weird dreams of not being able to escape a neo-nazi conference, and being ganged up on and shot at. Finally woke up in the AM, calmed down, got the 2nd print out and washed and cured.

And then wondered, why the heck did I make two test prints, when i knew fixes would (as always) be needed?? I can only blame it on hiccups. Because the Nazis came later.

So, that’s why I have two prints. And that’s how I started my 2024…

Cliff was kind enough to shoot me over the file for this.

About to drop it into the wash station.

Thanks for the photos Bob.

Yours looks a lot smoother than my print, which is great to see. I cranked up the resolution before I exported and sent your file. So that makes me want to reprint.

And since mine took 9 hours, that makes me want to get another printer…

I suspect that 3D printers are a LOT like computers; we used to say there were two types of computers: obsolete and unannounced. :innocent:

You can have the latest and greatest for about 48 hours…then a new model comes out…

You know you want one. Or two… :slight_smile:

This is the cutest little thing.


This all great but the question is when will it run?

Wow. I think it’s really cool that it can be printed in one piece!

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Yea. With all the details. It’s amazing.

Using a CO2 cartridge would probably propel it ONE TIME before it crashed into a wall (or tree). I remember way back when some model railroaders tried building dry ice propelled locomotives with varying degrees or success. Perhaps we should not poke that tiger.

Regards, David Meashey


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Still fiddling with the settings to get this to print correctly. Lower front (which is closest to the build plate) has some issues. Time to work on the supports for that area.

Looks like a mining accident to me, Bob :grin:

If you head it into the mine instead of coming out of the mine it’s fixed :smirk: :innocent: :sunglasses:

Hollywood, I think Bob just needs an excuse to print something :grinning: We 3D printing guys are like that, ya know :laughing:

BTW: @Cliff_Jennings the detail on this little loco is off the charts. Great job as usual.

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I’m easily distracted. :slight_smile: But I gotta get going on my napkin drawing for The Mik…