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SUPERB On30 layout.

Well worth spending time having a look at this web page. Brilliant.
Some of the videos have been transferred to YouTube tho’

Think this has been featured in NGSLG.

Thanks for the link.

I’ll have to look at the entire site in depth.

Beautiful work.

I never tire of seeing the incredible layouts that some folks have made in 0n30, and the stupendous amount of sheer hard work that goes into them.

One ‘small’ exhibition layout here in yUK, based on a six-foot circle, has so many features around the logging camp area that you’d be hard-pushed to take them all in. Last time I saw it, there was a cat and four kittens ‘playing’ underneath the boardwalk of the commissary stores, only visible from one discreet angle.

tac, ig, ken the GFT & The Old Mill Lumber Extension Boya

Hey Tac…why do you ALWAYS refer to UK as yUK?

Outstanding work… What a talent for detail and creativity!!!

Thanks so much for the link

That’s Troels Kirk…he’s a successful Danish artist, representational painting. His facebook page is also very interesting.

He posts alot on the RR Line Forums too…has a long thread on the construction of this layout…nothing short of phenominal…

Yeah, if you have a few hours, here is his entire layout build…

Vol 1:

Vol 2:

Vol 3:

Vol 4:

Vol 5:

Vol 6:

He also produces a DVD on his painting technique which is amazing in its simplicity. I was terrible at painting anything until watching it… now some of my stuff actually looks “real.”