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Sunday Funday Diesel Day

It’s mid March and the day was surprisingly nice, too nice not to run some trains but being so early in the season the tourists have not turned up yet to ride the steam headed railfan trains the RR runs on Sundays so the crew fired up the diesels and took them for a spin. We caught the action and put it into a promotional video for all to enjoy.


Holy cow Todd, those three diesels and caboose are beautiful, and those 4 in “Bay Colony,” wow. All in your livery, great job!!

All with sound, nice. I’ll bet those 3-loco trains can really push some snow, right?

Thanks Cliff. The Cape Cod Central is a tourist RR that operates near me. They have a GP #1501 but the other 2 are “what ifs”. Missing from this video is Lullubelle a modified RS3 they ran for years that I replicated. The Bay Colony is a RR that used to run through my hometown when I was a kid and they actually ran engines like I replicated for my RR. The extended vision caboose is another “what if”.

The 4 bigger engines do have sound but 3 were turned off because they need new batteries. I’m working on that. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do have some snow plow and rotary videos on my youtube channel but being close to the ocean we seldom get snow that isn’t too wet and heavy and when we do the storm usually starts with freezing sleet. :frowning_face: We try.

Thanks again.