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Suleski Transportation evicts family at NELSTS

After getting the train crews and trains all organized for the Springfield show train crews found a family squatting in the old Aristo caboose. They were chased out but left a mess to be cleaned up.

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Were these residents of the rodential persuasion? :smiley:

Scott, wow, you sure had a huge presence at the show, and it was great to see your modules & trains.

Gross. I would have just burned it on the spot, but I guess the roving Fire Marshals would have had something to say about that.

Good seeing you and Big Green again!

Cliff it was great to finally meet you I hope your still having fun !


So far I’ve been lucky; haven’t had any four-legged hobos take up residence in my rolling stock despite it being parked unprotected in a tunnel.

Sean, same here! And yep, I plan on visiting the Ames’ layout today, and maybe Al’s.

It was great to see your industrial strength snow plow & leaf blowers.

Was there a dark colored Volvo station wagon parked or seen in the area?

Wanted to rent a 16’ truck with a lift gate but the lifts gate only comes on the larger trucks so I ordered a 22’. When to pick it up -sorry we only have a 26’ we will give you for the same price. With the extra 10’ of truck nothing was left at home… Also put removable vinyl NHGRS 15" Dia decals on the trucks doors - as we were driving in to unload the guys from the fairgrounds asked how rich our cub was…