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Stu Gralnik's Model Building Services

Those of you that have been here for TrainOps might remember my friend Stu, he was here for a few TrainOps over the years. Anyway, he builds highly accurate HO, S, and O scale buildings as a business. His website is a treasure trove of fantastic buildings. I particularly love this one

An incredible model of a coal tower that I have never seen before.

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A great looking model!

That is impressive. Not just good but truly impressive. I have built what i think are some pretty nice models but I don’t think I have ever made a truly impressive building. I really admire people who can and do produce finely detailed model buildings like this coaling tower.

Stu has an O Scale layout in his basement, and its FULL of high-quality buildings like this. Plus its fun to see what’s on his workbench.

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Freaking awesome model but the 3rd rail don’t blow my dress up unlike Neil Young.

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The bain of O scale. I get why back in the day they did it. It did make for a more user friendly track arraignment by being able to do dog bones and what not without having polarity issues, buttttttt its just wrong. I am hoping to do a 32mm outdoor run for both Fn2 and running O gauge stuff I got from Steve Featherkyles wife. While the Fn2 stuff will most likely be RC/Battery I am undecided on the O gauge and one of the reasons for that is the dang 3rd rail. If I make all the O gauge stuff R/C battery then I can do dead rail and only have two rails. But that is a lot of conversion just to get rid of the third rail.

I’m with you Rooster. The third rail to me is just glaring.