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Storage Sheds on sale at Lowes

As I live in a Hobbit House at present 600+ sq feet, train storage is always a problem… I purchased a couple of these sheds a few years ago on sale at Lowes to store rolling stock, buildings, and such. They have held up well, with no noticable UV breakdown, perhaps a slight bleaching of color. The latest incarnation is now on sale at Lowes for $299.00 They do lock well enough to keep the honest, honest, they will not however stop a determined thief. My daughter and I erected one in less than 45 minutes… We were able to fit two in the back of a ‘10 Subaru Forester. They are designed so that pegboard or shelves can be added if desired, for lighter items. a sturdy base is required. (we used 2’ concrete patin blocks )

I believe the sale runs thru the 14th of Sept

I have a smaller one for the last decade and it works like a charm. It holds everything I need for the season. A good investment. Regards, Dennis.

I have some friends with a couple of those. Seem to work well for him. The guy we bought the house from built a nice looking little wooden house for a generator. Neither he nor I got a generator so it became my train shed. It looks more classy but is no better.

I built my own, to size I thought I needed. The ones I saw at Lowe’s, at the time, were kinda small, and kinda pricey.

It’s hard for me to spend money on ready made items that I can build from scratch, using mostly materials that were left over from various jobs. Even if I purchased new material to build a similar cabinet, it would be far less than the $299.00 price tag on the Lowes version.

I realize that not everyone has the ability to build their own. I am fortunate to have the skills to do so.

I’ve had one of these for a while now, didn’t buy it for train stuff but to get all the weed killers, bug killers and fertilizers and their attendant applicators out of my garage and workshop. When I was younger I wouldn’t have given a thought to buying something that I could build for less but these days I find I don’t have the patience to spend time on things I really don’t want to do. Anything I would build myself would require occasional upkeep whereas the plastic version will no doubt outlive me with no upkeep required on my part and that makes it worth the price to me.

If you buy the “Rubbermaid” or like style kits. Add calking and screws where you can. We use to pick the assorted pieces out of the water in the marina after every heavy wind. We’d just make a pile and let people rummage through looking for their missing parts.

That’s funny. Not for them, but, that’s funny.

I helped a neighbor put one together, and they got the side panels out of order. It was a real bear disassembling the side and reassembling it properly. But I guess if it gets knocked around hard enough in the wind, it would pop apart.

Caulking in the corners where the roof meets the wall might be a good idea- the four we have are pretty tight…

I bought one of the life time buildings which is expandable. Really is nice and also easy to put up. Holds lots of trains. Later RJD

I thought if you have a rail road you were required to use these!

You can put a lot in them!(

Sean, I do. But I built my own.

It adds to the storage I have in my garage.

Payed $30 @ a yard sale!

It was a lot cleaner looking. (

Be sure to slightly tip the shelves so the cars roll to the rear, or tilt the cabinet.

It is tough to catch many rolling cars when opening the doors.

Yes, good point. I have mounted my shelves so they slope to the rear. It wasn’t such a big deal when the cars were stock, but now that many of my cars have ball bearings, I know exactly what slots aren’t sloped to the rear now. (