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Storage rack for styrene

I have lots of styrene strips, angles, rods, and tubes of many sizes, mostly from Evergreen Scale Models plus a few from Plastruct. Until now I’ve just been shoving them into whatever nook or cranny I could find in the piles of stuff surrounding my modeling work area. I have long planned to devise a better storage solution, but lacked a “round tuit”.

Well, recently I finally got around to it! I built it out of 3mm thick Sintra PVC board. I started by constructing segments, as seen here:

The segments were designed to fit together in a stair-step manner, with each segment being 2" higher than the previous segment:

About halfway through I realized this spacing was going to make the rack too tall. So the the spacing of the remaining four segments was reduced to 1.25". When all eight segments were glued together, I added sides made from 3mm Sintra, and a bottom made from 6mm Sintra. I also added a handle to make moving or carrying the rack more convenient:

When complete, I filled the rack with the styrene materials:

Then I realized I could make it even more useful by adding a couple pockets at each end. These will hold sheets of plain styrene on one end, and specialty sheets such as scribed siding on the other end. Two smaller pockets can be used to hold additional strips, tubes, etc in styrene or brass:

I’m still trying to decide what to store in the rear of the rack. Can’t let all that empty space go to waste!


Great solution Ray. Looks just like a hobby shop display :smiley:

Looks nice. I recently did something similar with foam core but mine are flat and stackable. Each strip size has its own spot (and I labeled and took out of the package). Sure makes building with styrene easier when it’s all organized.

Oh my, I need to do this. Nicely done, Ray.

My only question is: How come you didn’t carve rocks into the rack and paint/weather them? This is not up to your standards!

I don’t use much styrene, but I sure need something like that for my wood strips and metal.

Why am I not able to see Ray’s pictures?

So here’s a picture or two of my styrene storage solution. I recently raised my workbench another 5" higher creating a set of 5 drawers and it made the top of my mini table saw level with the rest of the workbench.

I figured it was time to reorganize my styrene. I started with my strip stock. My goal is to eventually have 1 of each size on hand and multiple packages of the more used stuff (.030 seems to go fast as it’s 1" scale thick).

I still haven’t organized the rod, tubes, and shapes but they will be organized in the same way.

I took dollar store foam core and made some short walls (1/4") and hit glued them to a flat sheet. It went quick.

Underneath these drawers is more storage. This is a bit looser organized as it’s cut off and scraps. But it’s still sorted by size.

Nice! I had originally planned to do mine out of foam core, but was afraid it wouldn’t be sturdy enough for the quantity of material I had. In retrospect it probably would have been just fine.

Nice solution, Ray! My styrene packs are just stuffed in a box, and really need to do something along these lines.


Here’s my current state of “organization.” Nicely compact, but impossible to find anything without rooting around for quite a while… I have like-kind shapes rubber banded together, but that’s about it.

I’m a big fan of hot glue and foam core for quick projects. I hadn’t thought about using them for tool and supply storage until I watched a few Adam Savage videos on YouTube were he used them exclusively for tool storage. And not lightweight stuff either. Now I just need to get motivated and finish the project.

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It has to do with Ray’s website NOT being secure (HTTP) and we are logged into LCS as a secure website (HTTPS). At least that’s my take on it. BD should be able to tell us more.

PS. Late note: I use Firefox and Ray’s photos do not work. I logged into Google Chrome and they show up. Firefox must be the culprit!

Yup, thanks Joe. I am indeed on Firefox. I vaguely remember I had to do something a while ago, and I couldn’t use Firefox.

Well my solution was much less elegant but it works well.
Just hanger racks on the inside of my storage doors.

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There is a setting in Firefox that fixes it for me. I think I posted this long ago when the software was new.

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Jon, you are a genius! That was it for me. I hope it also works for Lou. Thank You!

My rack was already installed in the pantry workshop.