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Steel slab flatcar loads

Ran across a couple images from a steel mill model railroad, that got me thinking.

Went digging for some prototype photos.


And started cutting up some PVC…

Not a bad start.

Making progress. The load looks pretty good, needs a bit more weathering, but its getting there.

I also need to figure out how they were secured. If you zoom in on this photo, it appears they were held down with steel strap, with a turnbuckle-type device to cinch them down, and attached to the stake pockets.

So, some brass strip, various fittings, and two stake pockets on each end might do the trick.


For some reason I couldn’t upload full resolution so I included a zoom.

As you can see, the “tie straps” are formed to hook the pockets then secured with a tension rod.

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I’m guessing about a 1” allthread with nuts and a washer on both sides shouldn’t be lots of side forces on a load so doesn’t need to be crazy strong, just enough to keep them from slowly sliding sideways on rough track

Yep. Here’s another pic captured from a YT video.