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Steel mill modeling

There’s a company that posts in one of the 3D printing groups, and he’s making a bunch of parts (In HO) around steel mills. Lots of great parts inspiration here.

Love the mugs and gear they have too! Travel Mug “HOT METAL” – Steel Mill
Who knew there were steel plant modeler nuts out there? lol

There are some amazing models out there.


I’ve been pondering a semi-flat as a backdrop.


The various freight car loads he has are interesting. This one is particularly cool.


Don’t know why I am fascinated by them but I want to make a string of those torpedo (pig iron?) cars.

I continue to be impressed with the people that model steel mills…


The Museum of Science and Industry has their huge HO layout of the BNSF route from Chicago to Seattle and in the Seattle section there is a steel mill with foundry that lights up and “pours” into the pig cars then the train moves to the dump area. I will see about moving some videos so I can put them on here

Train Layout at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago - YouTube Here is the video I found, much better quality than mine. 5:18 or so is when they start showing it. If i remember right the view from the mezzanine is a scale view from about 20,000 feet. there are a lot of “easter eggs” set all over the layout, especially in the Chicago downtown. only things not to scale are the Hancock building would hit the 727 wing if it were to scale


Great video, Pete. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome video and fantastic layout, Pete… Thanks for sharing…

Another one from the same modeler. I can feel the heat off that billet.


More proof that the guys that model steel mills are a level unto themselves.


You know you want one on your RR just admit it !

I think he is trying to talk himself into it by posting all these pictures!

So Bob. You have convinced me that YOU need a giant steel mill.