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Steam-up at Dan's place

Woowee - an invite to a steam-up! First time for over a year. It was great to be able to visit Dan’s, say hi to guys I haven’t seen all last year, and see his 3 tracks - the large steam oval, his ground-level scenic’d line, and the new ride-on track.

When I got there, Jerry was running my AML K4 and coaches.

Nate was working on his 4-4-0 on the ride-on 7 1/4" track. He just graduated High School and is heading to an engineering college.

I took my Accucraft UK Countess which has a nice r/c rig with an RCS whistle. I was really testing the “inertia” car, which is behind it and consists of a pair of huge flywheels and a lot of weight. (I spent Saturday cutting down an LGB wagon to disguise it.)

“Edward” basically ignored the inertia and took off at its usual smart pace. Either Eddie is too powerful or the inertia car doesn’t work. Ah well - I’l ltry it on my Merlin later this summer.

My train was Thomas wagons, with the faces removed and proper sprung 3-link couplers. Pure nostalgia for the trains of my youth.

Jerry fired up his AML USRA 0-6-0 after lunch - this shot is a bit blurred as it was moving.

He has a complete Western Maryland coal drag, weathered and with Kadee couplers.

Finally, our host got his EBT #12 out of the basement and ran as a double-header with Joe. Must have been a photo-special, as the locos have shiny brass boiler bands!

Thanks, Dan!