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Started working on the layout again

I had to replace the liner on my water feature. It’s not done yet but I wanted to see how the water falls down the rocks.

It’s not exactly trackwork, but that’s up next. I have to redo some areas that had the ballast wash down. I may just redesign the layout. I thought about a folded dogbone instead of the double main ovals I have.


So another problem with this area was a thick growth of some type of moss ground cover. It completely encased the rails and made it impossible to run.

I’m looking forward to less maintenance in this area in the future!

back at it again!

This area was plagued by sinking ballast. The pvc fence would bow out and allow the ground to sink. I had to add soil around the outside of the fence. Then I formed and poured concrete curbing. Then add back more soil, cover and add ballast.

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I’s a never ending battle!