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Stainless Steel Spikes

Years ago I purchased several packages of Stainless Steel Spikes from a company long out of business. I did not go through the supply very fast till I started building dual gauag track which consumes them quickly (6 per tie)

Does anyone know of a company why sells stainless steel spikes of has a supply on hand they do not need?




I believe Sunset Valley and Llagas Creek both sell stainless steel spikes.

Llagas Creek

Note they still have medium spikes ( I use those)

Sunset Valley

Stan, I found stainless spikes lift out of redwood ties, as they don’t rust. Regular steel rusts and bonds with the wood. How do you keep them in your ties?


Thanks Just ordered 4000 from sunset valley. They are a little longer but should work fine.


I had the same problem when I first started using them. The solution I use is to predrill a hole longer then the spike and then use a drop of Zap medium gap filler CA on each spike. Started doing this at least 20 years ago and have not had one pop out yet.

Before that I used steel spikes and they tended to rust out in a couple years. I am willing to spend a little more time on each spike when I first put them in but do not want to have to go back and re do anything.


Thanks Stan, I had no idea that CA of any sort could last outdoors and with severe temperature swings for so long.