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Spring 2022

Finally some color


That’s really pretty! Nicely done!

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No recent pics, but this wet spring really has things growing well around the RR, including the weeds. A heavy downpour last week moved enough tree debris to cover over the rails in several locations so trains have been annulled until the MOW crew can get things cleaned up.

Several surprises have been noted:

The big grove of Solomon’s Seal that lives between the main and engine house mysteriously died off last summer. Probably heat exhaustion. This spring it is flourishing again even interspersed with weeds. This 2019 picture shows the stand doing well at the same time I lost most of my dwarf Alberta Spruce trees. Those trees died after flourishing for close to 10 years…

All of my Boxwood trees all seem to be in trouble to varying degrees, some almost devoid of leaves, others with some dying leaves, but mostly healthy. I have read about an insect invasion that is killing them, but can’t find the evidence on the plants. I suppose I should just spray anyway. This shot has one of the nearly dead Boxwood trees at the left of the passenger consist…


killed mine

Thanks Jerry. That is what I had been thinking of, but forgot it was fungal. I found that PDF too this morning. After reading it through it doesn’t look like there is any hope of survival for any of them :frowning: I have one big one that is more than 25 years old that I’m going to lose :cry:

Unfortunately true, Jon. I had 2 or 3 that my wife had groomed for several years and looked great on our layout. But they all went in 2 years due to this disease. Back to dwarf Alberta spruce…

I had something kill all my mature Dwarf Albert Spruces a few years ago. I think I have two left that are barely there.

Did a little maintenance yesterday …Come on aren’t we done yet …

I woke up to this:

Its getting kinda frustrating…

Steve, I thought you posted that pic a couple months ago…?

No, it snows more than once per winter up here1
This pic was taken this morning!!