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Spring 2019 Flowers, Weeds and Track Work

Spring time in New Mexico. Preparation for train running has begun on the Cibola Line.

Rain! Best moisture numbers in New Mexico since 1959 according to the National Weather Service. Stone fruit has already blossomed and set. Lilacs coming on, apple tree in full bloom and tulips and iris busting with color.

Then there is WEEDS!!!

And of course varmint damage…

Clean up is under way. I will post more pics as I go. You can find the full thread for this year’s trains running on the layout stuff here…

Feel free to add your pics of garden color or adventures in weed removal on this thread… because success is a singular blessing but misery loves company.

The big question in the spring is “what made it and what didn’t survive over the winter?”

More blooms

Progress on weed removal…

Looking pretty good there Boomer!

Boomer, looks great. Much better than the time I saw your layout. A little rain the in the Springtime helps a lot. Should try to get down and run a loco with you. Ski converted my K-27 too. Both run great. I’m a battery convert!


Open house May 11th. Trains and BBQ 2:00 to dark.

Anybody else that will be in the area come on by. Message me here on LSC for a map and directions.

I noticed some color up here In Mass.

Ballast and bridge repair.

Finally everything is ready for the season.

Now of course rain in the forecast for the next 5 days.

Very nice!!

We all know the truth of the adage, “everything runs great until the day of the open-house…”

Here in NM Murphy sometimes puts in overtime. 31 hours ahead of open-house.




Fore cast is for more rain and sleet. I will keep you informed.

You could always tell those who show up that it’s November the fifth not May the eleventh (… just saying

Frost on the onions is time for Peter Dunkin

I have no idea what that means Rooster, but here is a video from the open house:

Rain stayed away long enough to enjoy trains and BBQ. Can’t ask for better than that. (

Boomer K. MOGWAI said:

I have no idea what that means Rooster

You have been married too long !