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Southern Pacific Mojave Sub

Photos from the Southern Pacific Mojave Sub. The Mojave Sub covers the SP/ATSF crossing of the Tehachapi Mountain Range in southern California.

ATSF Train S DA-RI climbs the grade towards Tehachapi, rounding the loop.

A ATSF manifest is seen descending the grade at Walong, entering the famous “Tehachapi Loop.”

A ATSF Intermodal ducks under the CA Highway 58 bridge near Tehachapi, CA.

The Swift Roadrailer crosses the Tehachapi Creek at Woodford as it climbs upgrade towards Tehachapi

Nice photo

Some beautiful shots… (

Great photos TJ. I had to add them to my collection. ( hope to see more, and maybe a video.

Good to see a buffer on those tank cars.

Is your ballast glued in place?


Great shots TJ. You know I will stop by if I’m ever back that way. What are you using for ballast?

Beautiful shots! I had to look twice to make sure this is a model! Awesome work :). Anxious to see more.

BOTH you and Paul have set a very high benchmark!

TJ, that is an impressive area for trains I am jealous!

Can you point out (roughly) where the pictures were taken?

Thanks, Greg

great stuff.

made my day

keep it up!