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Source for small wheels?

I often find myself making up a pilot or trailing truck for a small loco that needs quite small wheels. I’m looking for ideas for sources of such metal wheels. I’ve been using Slaters from the UK, but their treads are too narrow (or the whole wheel is too finescale,) so if the back-to-back is right they fall into the track gauge between the rails!

I am looking for wheels in the 1/2 - 3/4 inch over the treads. Gary Raymond sells a nice wheel of 0.889" over the tread, but they are a bit big; 0.75" or less would be nice?
Insulated, spoked or not, but not finescale!

Any suggestions?

Are the 14" (7/8 scale) from here too big?
I use them on most of my small carts.

I was hunting for a match for the Bachmann speeder wheels (3/4") but found they don’t sell them separately. However, the old K-LIne hand car(O scale) wheels are near perfect match.
NOTES: The axle is 3/32 and the driven axle has traction tires.

John, 14" at 1:13.7 scale is over 1" diameter. (14/13.7.) Jason at TTD has a bunch of small wheels but they are all out of stock. I sent him a query.

Those are fat O scale wheels. Thanks, I’ll look in to them.