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Sound circuit board help

Hello, This is my first post. My father in-law passed away and I was left his G scale Marklin steam locomotive set. He only set it up around the Christmas tree during the Christmas season to entertain the grand kids (My children). Now that treat has fallen upon me. I am picking up some liquid smoke for the smoke generator, as the locomotive is equipped with a smoke unit. That should be a big hit with the grandkids as well. I discovered an Aristo-craft walk around control , which my father in-law had never used and had lost the instructions. I tried to set up the walk around system but could not get it to work. It is a first generation system that does not have a linking button, after much fiddling around with it I gave up only to arrive home, after leaving the system on, to a running train and the Walk around system now works. I guess Santa made a surprise visit and fixed it for me.

My question is in regards to a circuit board sound card and speaker that was in the box that appears never to have been used. It does not appear to fit any where on the locomotive or its tender car. I assume it goes on the train some where as it is powered by a 9 volt battery. (see attached picture) I would appreciate any suggestions as I am sure the grandkids would love the sound effects. Thanks in advance.

I would suggest contacting Don Sweet of RCS of Ne

He’s done a number of Aristo Train Engineer installs.


I would also try contacting the Florida Garden Railway Society They have a Tampa Bay division where there may be some local folks to lend a hand. They will also be a wealth of help and information for the novice.

Good luck and Happy Railroading.

Bob C

Emerald Coast Garden Railroad Club

Milton FL

My question is in regards to a circuit board sound card and speaker

Hi Kent. I rthink that’s an after-market sound board made by Starr Electronics; I had an LGB boxcar with one in, and there’s a thread here:

Here’s one in a box:

It should be possible to install it in a car behind the engine, or in the tender.

I would agree with Bob about joining FGRS. I’m just down the coast from you but there are lots of guys in Tampa.