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Some white stuff


I may be motivated to get the plow train out and do what I can see from in the house. I’m no longer a fan of cold weather.

I took a break from this .

Why for you covering snow with dirt?

'Cause it’s what they do up here in New England.

When I first moved here in '82 they never used any salt. Just sand and it really made a mess. Around the '90s they changed to salt/sand mix. Still messy, but worked much better. More recently they have begun per-treating with a brine solution, then putting road salt on after the snowfall. The brine really messes up the underside of vehicles.

EDIT to add: I’m charging batteries to go for a 4 loco plow train for as far as I can see from the covered porch. It warmed up to 39F and is raining :frowning:

The 400 ft driveway is gravel … :wink:

How much of that ends up in the woods! I have a short section of gravel and hand shovel. I still end up with a bunch of it in the grass.

The first time is the worst . Woods line each side so not a problem //leaves hide a lot of things…

Guys, when I lived in Pennsylvania there were still ample coal-fired power plants. A lot of cinders got spread on snowy streets. They worked pretty well, but they were messy.

When I lived in Allentown. one neighbor still had a stoker. We would get some nasty ice storms, and he would become very popular, as all the other neighbors would beg cinders from him.

During the 1978 BRAC strike, Bellevue Yard still had cinder ballast.

Best, David Meashey

Since its the rage to post some snow plowing videos…

A few days ago up here in Seattle we got actual cold snow. Instead of 34° slush/ice/sleet.

Plowed really nice! Problem with this is it reminds me of just how far away I’m from making a working model of my Snow Dozer (and finishing the static model)

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