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Some night shots

Here are a few recent night shots from the In-ko-pah Railroad. These all feature the Dos Manos depot:

Ray, those are fabulous photos. They really highlight your great modeling skills. Thanks for sharing.


Stellar photos of an exceptional model. Very realistic, and excellent photo composition.

Yea, what they said…(

Excellent work Ray

That’s all fine and dandy, Ray, and, yeah, yeah, it’s a nice depot, but if it weren’t for your magic with the stone, Dave Taylor never would have gotten this damn stone idea for this year’s challenge and I wouldn’t have to be learning an entirely new skill set. So thanks a lot, thanks a whole bunch. Just do me a big favor and don’t spend any time working with metal fabrication and welding during the course of this year.

You need some moth’s flying around them lights Ray…Now get to work on that and post back!


LOL! Thanks guys!

Lights at night give so much life to a structure. Raised surface fill there by door is a point of interest. Also the kind of thing I find the hard way in real life!

I noticed the raised concrete/ cracked slab and dont remember seeing it before, How did you come up with that little gem. Awesome Ray,

PS hurry up with the next 2 GR issues, cannot wait to read them!

Looks good in the dark with the lights. It really adds to it.