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Some help please

I had a stroke near the end of October, 2021. Since then the site software has changed. I am now getting back into things, but I missed the instructions on this new software. Could somebody please tell me how to:

  1. Access the photos I already loaded.
  2. Load new photos.
  3. Add photos to a post,
    Thanks so much, David Meashey

Sorry to hear you had a stroke.
There is no longer a Freight Shed. Any photos you had there are lost to you.
You cannot load photos to the site any longer.
Photos can be directly inserted into your post.

Use the up arrow symbol to upload a photo from your computer to the post you are wanting it in.

Joe is correct that there is no “Freight Shed” available. I have linked those files that I could match to their existing posts. I have access to all the files, if someone wants them all I can drop their folder up on a Google drive or something.

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Helping Dave Meashey - Copy

The format has changed quite a bit however if you just hit the circled arrow you can load from your own PC now. We can try and help you out from there as Joe has done. Also sorry to hear about the set back but your in the saddle again. I love your local knowledge of my ( your childhood) area !

Got it! Thanks everyone.
Cheers, David Meashey

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A big part of why I chose this software to upgrade to is that its very simple to add photos to posts. Drag n Drop into the message composer generally works as well.

I never even noticed that. I just drag them into the post and let go. Works for video too as long as it is less than 4MB.