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Old pics in Albums?

I’m just looking for the albums we use to have .Are they saved somewhere …


Far as I know, they ceased to exist when the system was upgraded. I’ll let our site administrator give the final weigh-in on that, but I think those images are gone.

Best, David Meashey

From Bob, this last February:

Not all the pictures were linked to posts. I uploaded a boat load of photos directly to the site that were available for everyone to view.
Whether the software is not capable of displaying them only Bob can answer. I imagine displaying them as in the past eats up some bandwidth which costs money.

I use to have pics so if I needed to add to a post they were there…before web hosting started…

I think we need to clarify our terminology. This new website does not support “Albums” or “Galleries” full of photos that are not in posts.

Bob’s comment last year says he can recover and deliver any photos that are needed.

These answers are correct. We do not have any kind of “Photo Gallery” here any more, due to a number of reasons, but mostly that hosting images is expensive. I do have everyone’s Freight Sheds and also the photo gallery photos archived.

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