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Some Bachman parts I needed

Right know i am in the middle of doing a car inspection on all my cars, lubing axles, checking gauge, checking coupler height and operation, and that is where i hit a small snag. One of my Bachman Boxcars had lost one of the cut lever supports.
cut lever
So i was able to carefully remove one from the other end and printed up a few in my Durable Resin. this photo shows it applied to the car, and with a little touch up paint was back in service.

The next project was for a Bachman frame-less tank car. one of the brake pipe supports had been
previously broken and the whole end of the brake pipe had fallen out.

getting the remaining piece out of the pocket it was in was a chore, but it finally came out!. here we see the 3d printed part in place, again with the durable resin

this second photo didn’t want to focus on the part, but you get the basic idea of where it is located.

While i had the boxcar on the bench i took the time to draw up the infamous stirrup step that broke off on almost all of the second batch of boxcars. (mine are all first Gen). below is the model almost ready for printing, as there is a need to verify the mounting pin size and length. i can print these up very reasonably as i have resin i need to use up.

Al P.

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Cool. I could use a few pairs of those steps if you are offering :smiley:


What is the resin you are using that you call “Durable Resin”?

Thanks, Bob

It is Formlabs durable resin, made specifically for there printers. I have had a form 2 for several years now. it was among the first viable resin 3D desktop printers.

i believe there is a similar product available for the low cost resin printers.

Thanks for the info.