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Some 1:1 track laying

Pictures of joining the lead track to the floor track in a soon to built engine shed extension. On the Australian Sugar Cane Railway (ASCR) Bundaberg Qld Australia

Bending the rail with the “crow” hydraulic bender prior to the join being welded by the boilermaker. Lefthand rail already bent

![]( Pictures/bender.jpg)

Track engineer checking alignment of track geometry

![]( Pictures/check aligment.jpg)

Under the track filled with road base awaiting tamping down, cracker dust will be put on top as seen in background.

![]( Pictures/track back filled.jpg)

It took 12 people with mattocks, shovels and crowbars to dig out the sleeper ends and move the lead track into position (holes can be seen in picture 2).
Not a bad effort for a bunch of retirees some nursing sore joints, bad backs and one who had just had a melanoma cut out of his arm.
In addition, just to make it interesting, the site had had 30mm of rain overnight so it was a bit muddy and the road base was wet through which made it heavier to shovel.

Interesting . . . thanks for posting.