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SOLVED! Bachmann 38 Ton Shay - Parts Needed!


After an unfortunate fall (a careless act by one of my daughter’s friends) my 38 ton shay is in need of parts that are no longer stocked by Bachmann.

Primarily, I am looking for two MT010 screws. These are the two small screws that connect the two halves of the yoke assembly on the rear driveshaft (Yoke Assembly (Large 38/55Ton Shay) [0AY01-ZU01-02] - $11.90 : Bachmann Trains Online Store!).

Ideally, I would like to replace that entire assembly in the link, but I think I can manage with the two screws. Or if someone knows the equivalent screw dimensions?

Second… The rear driveshaft and gears. The driveshaft rotates freely separate from the gears, but I’m not sure it is supposed to. If not, I would like to find the rear driveshaft as well. (Drive Shaft - Rear (Large Scale 38/55 Ton Shay) [824XX-0ZJ02] - $17.85 : Bachmann Trains Online Store!) This is not as important as the pistons moving are still driven by the front truck. Nothing looks cracked or broken and I’m not too sure what holds those gears in place on the rear driveshaft.

Bachmann says they will never receive these parts again.

All else I was able to fix myself. She still runs but if anyone might have these pieces, screws, or knows how to find them, I would be most appreciative.



I have many spare bachman screws and can probably help you out if you can give me the dia. and length of the screw in metric or English units. and if it is self tapping or machine thread.

cannot help with other issue.

Al P.

Thanks Al!

With some help from another forum, I think my son and I have solved this issue. Some detailed photos were most helpful and it seems to be running quite well again! Many thanks!


Sounds great! As you probably learned, the rear driveshaft rotates independently of the gears. This is to prevent binding. The front truck drives the engine and the rear shaft.

I have the remains of a broken rear shaft and am quite sure I have the exact screws if you still need them.