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Snow train on Rockwall Canyon

RCRR 1741 and exCR GP9s head out to clear the line after a rather light snow. However, the run was not without its hiccups!
Snow train | G scale - YouTube


Great video, Rocky. Thanks for sharing.

You either edited it out , or your a lot calmer than I would be watching a locomotive do a spinning dive of the high line!!! Glad to see there was no huge damage and things could continue

Haha No edited language whatsoever! I’ve had years of practice having young kids around! I’m surprised by little and can bite my tongue pretty well!

Loco mostly hit on the LH handrails. Bent several of the stanchions, but it seemed to cushion the landing. Everything bent back perfectly, just need to touch up with the ole black paint pen and she’ll be as good as ever.

Yep - I learned that lesson pretty early on when my youngest son and nephew were running a long train up the hill. Poor maintenance on my part caused a coupler to let loose at the top of the grade sending most of the train careening off a curve and into a deep abyss. Marilyn suggested rather than getting mad I make a “news story” out of it, which I did. But the kids never ran another train after that :frowning_face:

The 2004 incident resulting in naming the spot Coal Dump Curve…

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Jon, That’s too bad about the after effects of your son and nephew having caused the wreck. It really is a delicate situation when that sort of thing happens. I had a neighbor kid cause a few of mine to wreck many years ago. Prior to that, he was a big help to me in moving rocks and material around the layout, but he rarely came by after the wreck day. For my own kids I’ve tried giving them their own trains to run and handle. This way they can run trains and experience what happens in wrecks or rough handling, so that when they get to run Dad’s trains they feel an little more comfortable (even if there’s a crash).

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