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Snow Blowing and Plowing

We seldom get plowable snow usually it is an icy mix but this time it was decent enough so the crew got to work. First the “Rail Warrior” blower gives it a go and then we switch to the wedgie.

Not to be outdone and looking for some overtime the Bay Colony crew grabbed the wedge and headed out the next day to clear the line of the fresh dusting of snow we received overnight.

We never did get enough snow to call out the rotary. :neutral_face:


I like ie it , too bad it wasn’t a scale 2-3 ft to get some real work for the plow , but a cool video anyway, we got almost a foot of sun here in Az

It would be nice to get several inches of good stuff but we are close to the coast so any snow usually starts as rain, freezes which ices the rails then the damp heavy snow comes that the trains can’t move.

This was the best we could do this year. :slightly_smiling_face:

We are about 20 miles North of Long Island Sound and most storms do that here too. Once in a while we get nice dry fluffy snow that plows nicely, but not often.

Lately, I subscribe to the Ken Brunt theory of Winter Operations and watch through the window from my nice warm house!

I feel the same way about staying in. It is cold, difficult to get the shots given you have one chance and it is cold plus something always seems to break or the camera batteries die or the rails ice up and the wheels slip at the worse time and it is cold but someone has to do it in order to produce some cool videos.

The trick is when you think it might snow you have to make sure the line is clear and it helps to leave the train out so the wheels get acclimated to the cold…
Nice Todd

I always walk the line the day before the storm and if I can I run a train to clean the track. I usually put the trains out about an hour before plowing. Track powered trains are not the best for plowing.

My track power engines have added weight …

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Back in the day in the hood

Ok as someone who will never have to plow snow I have a question…
Using a plow on double track main lines it looks like you would just keep shoving half the snow back and forth, and while you get a lot of run time it seems like no real progress is made? Does it actually finally get both tracks clear?

Eventually but it’s fun !

Neat plow and all that muscle behind it Rooster. The snow didn’t stand a chance against your setup as seen in the video.

As for the double main Pete, I don’t have one but I do have a long passing siding where the snow gets kicked over to from the main and there it stays. I don’t plow sidings because the switches are usually frozen.

Rooster , running trains is always fun, running in the snow will get “normal “ people’s attentions too!