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Sneaky Ads

I am not at all happy about the way the site now inserts sneaky ads the same size as our activity posts.

Interesting, that must be some new thing that Google ads is doing. Ill have to figure out how to disable that.

So I went rummaging through Google Ads options, and turned off the option that said “Google will automatically show ads across your site in all the best places for you”

Should take about an hour to update, but lets see if that helps.

Not a big deal for me, I see it everywhere online, have to read the fine print on any search , because the first 2-200 are ads , not the place you were actually looking for

I still have AdBlockerPlus running everywhere (it’s free).

But Bob, maybe I shouldn’t here? Does that hurt your proceeds?

Either way, thanks Bob for keeping your site so clean.

Well, Google ads is pretty opaque about exactly how valuable just showing an ad is. And the numbers of pages viewed that the site software shows (6268 for yesterday), vs what Google Analytics shows (3812), vs what Google Ads shows (196!!!), well, none of them are in agreement by a reasonable factor.

I intend on shutting off Google Ads the next time I reach the payment threshold, since its becoming more of a hassle to vet and restrict various ad categories, than the value of what they give me to offset the cost of the site.