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Small pond added to layout

I’ve had this prefabbed pond kicking around for a while.

I finally installed it and with the help of Garden Railroading Mag. I got the waterfall just like I was envisioning.

Here is a shot of early work.

This is the type of filter I used.

This is the unit I used ( Home Depot ) to get my fall

The filter is hidden to the left , I originally buried it ( what was I thinking) I placed a 12" pvc pipe around it to help when I have to clean it.

To hide the filter and the outlet I used rocks …

I have a couple of small maples , a juniper , a roady , and some flox, and I added some sedum in hopes it will grow towards the pond and onto the green chicken wire I installed.

Looks good Sean. Water really adds something to a layout.


Nice. I’ve had a dry wash / well for years but sometimes think it would be great to get water moving in it. I have a vision, but its many moons away.

Wow, that looks really nice. Great job Sean!!