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Slate rubble gondolas

A set of 7/8 scale slate rubble gons I recently completed. With real slate. I just started a string of slate flats for the finished slate slabs. The slabs were ordered from England, because I couldn’t find any closer.


A couple construction pics of the slate gons.

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those are neat. Nice work. Another unusual “something you don’t see” build. Quarry cars.

Great looking little gons, John. Look forward to seeing the flats when you are done.

Nice! Where did you ever find those small flat pieces of slate? Very cool!

I know right !!


As always nice work John !

Thanks, Jon,
I got them from England on Etsy. They arrived out here on the west coast in less than a week. I was surprised.

I will have to book mark that site. They look to have a lot of useful stuff. Only problem with most doll house stuff is that it is 1:12… fine if you are a 7/8th modeler but its huge in other scales. But still much of it can be fudged. neat stuff

You wouldn’t want to roof an entire building or build walls, etc, with his products. It would cost a fortune!
But for loads, it is doable. I like the look of the real thing for loads such as this. Coal, granite, etc.

I got my slate chunks here. enough for the 5 cars. 1/2 to 1 inch bag.