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Slate quarry slab cars

I finished up the slab cars to add to the slate quarry collection. These would bring the slabs to the slate finishing shop to be sized and finished to the customers order. They were lifted out of the cars with a hoist and slab clamps.


Those look TERRIFIC! :+1:

Those are way cool, John.

Nice cars! Those slab loads worked out great!

Jon, those are 4" square slate coasters I cut in half. Got them on Amazon.
I just lucked out that they fit. :smiley:

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Really nice! May I ask what you used for the metal bars and bolts? I am always looking for stuff that I can source from the hardware store.


The bars are 3/32 steel rod (but I run out and had to use 1/8 brass on a couple of them.) Sourced from
McMaster Carr. The bolts are from Iron Creek shops and Ozark Miniatures.
Journals from Ozark.
Wheels from The Train Department (Sunset Valley)
Couplers are from Wiseman.

Thanks for detailing that list!

John, nothing can be said except excellent!!!