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Show me your bridges

Not as fancy as others but it spans ten feet in length (with no support) and gets the job done.

Man some nice bridges. Makes my humble little Howe truss lift bridge look ugly.

starting with the oldies — I always liked covered bridges, this one in HO scale from teen age me made of balsa wood for carriages.

the very first structure i built for the garden was a covered bridge. first set up on blocks of wood on the lawn with a little loop of track…also on blocks. it lasted in service for about 20 years and 3 garden railways when I outgrew it.

I built two more to suit 1:20 scale then two more for 7/8" scale…

load testing the truss.

outside in the snow the first year.

THINKING …Thank you for the responses …repurpose and reusing after 15 yrs myself

I am the — ah hummmm — “gentleman from out there in Colorado.”

This is the Lucin Cutoff Trestle, between Ogden an Sacramento:

In no particular order

Covered bridge

No photo description available.


May be an image of outdoors

Bridge & trestle on the Goldfish Falls RR. Bridge constructed by my friend John, trestle by me.

Bridge #44a RGSNH foreground, 45A in background.


Al P.

MAN, we have got to get back to normal. This cr$p is killing me. Great Pictures, Al!

Ric Golding said:

MAN, we have got to get back to normal. This cr$p is killing me. Great Pictures, Al!

Cr$p Kringle ?

OK, here are some from my club layout (Medford Garden Railroaders).

Double deck bridge by club member Dick Hotchkiss (2nd from right). Trains on the top deck and golf carts on the lower deck; goes across Shale Creek from the clubhouse and 19th hole to the golf course proper on the other side. Shown at his workshop; ready for transport to the club layout.

Coos Bay

The prototype at Coos Bay, Oregon.


Two more by Dick. At our seaport, a double Scherzer rolling lift bridge conveys two main lines. In the background, double track wooden arch bridge.


Here’s the prototype – three Scherzers at Boston South Station


One more by Dick


Bridge on the River Kwai by the late Guy Jenkins. Transports trains from storage to the main layout. Bridge rotates for passthrough.  I see some TLC is needed here.


Passthrough to locomotive barn by club member Earle Guthrie.


Turntable, also by Earle. 7 1/2" scale track on the ground behind.


Here’s one of my bridges. Lower deck conveys two mainlines across a river, while the upper deck carries two trolley lines, which also cross over the mains.

My Bridge

And the prototype in Fort Wayne.

Fort Wayne



Those are some REALLY great bridges!

Well done!