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Short local train

It was one of those beautiful fall days so I ran a short train as I did yard work . This is the first time I ran all my custom cars at one time . The train ran for hours with no problems . I’m very happy with the Kadee trucks I have been using on my latest builds . They roll over my uneven track work very smoothly . Here is a couple of short video’s I posted on my You Tube channel . Hope you like them ! hopefully the link works .


Neat trains and beautifully done craftsmanship on the train cars.

(The videos seem to have distorted height to width aspect.)

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Really nice videos. Did you kitbash the wood chip cars? Don’t remember ever seeing any commercial offerings like your cars. VA Route 11 is the main drag in front of the hobby shop where I work part time. We see a LOT of trucks going by with wood chip trailers. There is a paper mill in Covington, VA, about 40 miles away. Usually those loads are relatively light, but on a rainy day the load can get considerably heavier as the wood chips absorb the water!

Best wishes, David Meashey


Thanks Dave , the whole train is made of custom cars . The woodchip car builds are here under rolling stock . I did a couple of them last winter. Ted , the camera I use is a old Panasonic camcorder . I don’t know what the settings are . I like it because it seems to fade out the backgrounds . And thanks to Ken for getting my video’s to work here for me . :slight_smile:

Cars look right nice running Mike. Thanks for the videos(

Just saying

Looking good Mike. The scenery in that first one is amazing. I’ve admired it since you first started posting on Youtube and it has aged well.

Great train … The tree pruning is well done as well …(

Thanks everyone for looking . Sean those trees are getting to be a real pain as I have 400 of them to prune every year. This is the first year I pruned everyone of them before winter. It’s a shame I will be putting some of the stuff away before the cold settles in around here. Then next spring I get to do it all over again . Rooster , I might do BFTX 10113 in the future and it will look like your picture . I’ll have Stan make the decal if he can . :slight_smile:

Tell Stan to send me the bill. I’ll send it to dad and make him pay it !

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Nice !!! Those turned out just awesome, the chip/scrap cars look just like some of the ones I have seem around the west coast, about the same age too! Looks like some track work under the deck is going to be needed before spring running, or maybe before winter arrives.

Awesome videos! I always look forward to your videos!! Love your layout Mike!

Really likes the video. Did you make that center sill car?

Sorry about the double post. Computer was slow and I hit enter twice thinking it didn’t post the first time.

Thanks Matt ! Paul , the centerbeam car is scratch built also . The build is here under rolling stock . I’m building another this winter for my wife Connie. She likes the “opera window” style centerbeam . It will be red with black ends and will be Hampton Lumber Sales .

cant wait to see this one