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Shay project, anyone?

I may have to do this to mine. Love the slope back tender.


That is really neat. It must look like a funky boxcar on the other side. The slope back certainly adds to the “charm” of it :grin:

I saw that somewhere ( Facebook?)?, and my first thought is it was an abomination and quite ugly, but there is a certain sleekness and diesel look to it. Looks like it would not be wildly difficult to build wit a set of trucks and the side arms, but it’s not something I will try!!

This would make for an interesting ops session. :slightly_smiling_face:

“The New York Central was not known to conduct logging operations, but its 1940 roster listed five Shay type locomotives, Nos. 7185-7189 (originally numbered 1896-1900). They were built in 1923 by Lima Locomotive Works for use on the West Side freight line in New York City, chiefly on street trackage on 10th and 11th Avenues. An old city ordinance required them to be covered to avoid frightening horses, and they also had to be preceded by a horse and rider when operating in the street.”


Now that is really different! Very cool.

They were known as the “West Side Cowboys”.

I do notice the Shay has doors and windows at the front, as well as having a conventional cab. Have to see what Google knows about that . .


Thanks Dan. That’s an awesome video - I hadn’t seen any video from the street running. [The steam engine on the overhead was not the High Line - more like one of the subway lines!]

Fantastic sheathing on that Shay, Bob. Are you going to do that?

Your Shay reminds me of a movie we just watched last night, “The Train,” 1964 with Burt Lancaster, all with WWII French trains. One of the locos involved was a huge armored German engine, with a cannon car in front, quite amazing.

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Wow ! that is fantastic.

Great Movie. I’ve seen it a couple of times.

Cuts down on detail parts…:grin:

Great idea, terrible in actual use. Not because they weren’t effective, they were, very effective for shunting and moving cars around. The problem, as anyone whose ever spent 5 minute near one in operation, was the NOISE. Shays sound like an express train doing 75mph, all the time. The noise from their operation echoing up and down the streets drew immediate protest from the people living in the areas they operated in and the noise scared the horses before the horses got anywhere near them. So they were eventually withdrawn and replaced by conventional tank engines and later diesels. Great looking engines though, I would love to model one myself


When anyone notices my hearing loss, they look at my pony tail and assume I’m paying the piper for all those rock concerts. But no, never been to one. I did, however, take a long cab ride in a Shay when I was 12…