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Shasta Pacific ceasing all operations

Until further notice.
The Rum Creek fire is at 10,000 plus acres and growing with no containment. It is about 10 miles from us and slowly spreading our way. The smoke this afternoon is so bad we can barely breath indoors. An inversion layer has the smoke trapped at ground level. The good news is this will help slow the fire, the bad news is this air quality will last until late Thursday. We are sitting in evacuation zone 1, be aware and ready to start packing up :worried:

We can just make out the outline of the houses across the street, It’s pretty bad.

Yikes! I sure hope the weather cooperates and the firefighters can keep you and your neighbors safe!


Good luck, Rick!

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Do hope your home and railroad stay safe. My biggest “natural disaster” during the time I had a garden railroad was the proliferation of pine needles over my track!
Regards, David Meashey

That’s terrible to hear Rick , Stay safe !

Rick, I hope you and your family stay safe. Keeping you in our prayers.

Thanks guys for your concern.
Things are holding steady, and we may be OK if the weather cooperates. But any one that trusts Mother Nature to cooperate has a screw loose.

Just returned from a community meeting with all the incident commanders on the fire and they seem optimistic for containment barring Mother Natures interference.

The smoke around the area has diminished some but still have unhealthy air quality.

The weather forecast for the area over the next few days is 100 degrees and low humidity, see reference to Mother Nature above.

Again thanks.

Just saw this Rick. wow, super scary, knowing it can spread so quickly, unpredictably, and violently…
Prayers for you…

As of 4 hours ago, here’s a current report on the fire. Very serious.

Peace and prayers to you Rick, and your family.

Thanks Cliff.
Everything remains pretty much the same today. The fire is still slowly growing and the weather over the next couple of days is not going to help much.
Just wait and see


I am getting caught up with the crew here and just saw this. Our prayers are with you and your community!


I too am just getting caught up on this. Good luck! I hope and pray for your safety and that the fire can be brought under control soon.

Another update:

The AQI looks really bad out there. You can use this tool to see the info; just search on Grants Pass, OR and go a bit northwest.

Rick, I hope you’re feeling encouraged with the recent containment reports. Gotta still be scary though, I imagine.

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Rick, how’s the situation looking?

Hi Cliff, thanks for asking.
Things are looking pretty good this morning. We made it through yesterdays “Red Flag” warning (that’s hi temps, high winds, low humidity) with out lose of control. or many spot fires.

In fact it is clouded over this morning with a few rain sprinkles. 60 degrees and 78 percent humidity and that is a real good condition to help control this fire. Windows open all over the house this morning, first time since Aug 19th.

Jim Rowson, if you’re reading this did you see that the town of Weed is half gone again? I say again because they lost the south half of town about 10 years AGO.

I did, Rick. All of this is terrifying. So glad to hear things are looking better. Keeping my fingers crossed!